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    January 2019

    Conservation promotion
    Keppel’s green ambassadors hosted their inaugural public tour of the Keppel Discovery Wetlands to mark World Wetlands Day.

    Keppel’s green ambassadors hosted their inaugural public tour at the Keppel Discovery Wetlands in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, in conjunction with World Wetlands Day on 26 January 2019. At the same event, another group of green ambassadors held a crafts workshop featuring various flora and fauna of the wetlands for young children. Through such activities, Keppel Volunteers hopes to inspire the younger generation to protect and care for the environment.

    In partnership with NParks, Keppel’s Green Ambassadors serve as guides at Keppel Discovery Wetlands as well as facilitators for crafts workshops to be held at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

    In order to qualify as a Green Ambassador, Keppelites participated in a training programme which entailed induction sessions and site visits. Participants also honed their presentation skills through shadowing experienced NParks guides on tours.

    The Keppel Discovery Wetlands is a 1.8-hectare restoration project of the forest wetland ecosystem that was historically found in the vicinity of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. On display is a carefully curated collection of plant species that are typical of freshwater forest wetland habitats in the region. Today, these habitats are highly endangered.

    In recognition of Keppel Corporation's contribution to the Gardens, the restored freshwater wetland was named the Keppel Discovery Wetlands.

    Some of the highlights of the Keppel Discovery Wetlands are the Orchid Islands, Botanists' Boardwalk and Pulai Marsh.