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    March 2018

    Inspiring through art
    Inspiring through art
    With the guidance of volunteers, 50 children from New Life Community Services explored the different spaces at the Keppel Centre for Art Education

    On 9 March 2018, 32 volunteers across the Group spent a fun-filled afternoon with 50 children from New Life Community Services at the Keppel Centre for Art Education in the National Gallery Singapore.

    Both children and volunteers were excited to be among the first to experience the new Art Playscape at the Centre. Themed ‘Wandering in Black and White’, volunteers guided the children in a fantastical black and white city where spaces are filled with sounds and echoes, and imaginative shadows can be created.

    In addition to the Art Playscape, the children also explored the other three spaces in the Centre that were refreshed in May last year, namely the Art Corridor, Project Gallery and Children’s Museum/Workshop. With guidance from volunteers, the children designed virtual ceramic pots, explored a display of sea creatures and wall sculptures, and made their own print artworks.

    Ms Marianne Chan, Centre Supervisor of New Life Community Services, shared, “This visit to the Centre was a unique and stimulating experience for the children. Rather than just observing art pieces, the Centre encourages the children to touch, feel and interact with the displays to learn more about art. The cheerful volunteers made this an even more wonderful experience for the children!”