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    Conserving a freshwater wetland in the city

    September 2016

    Wetlands Event EDK 4199
    Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong (second from right), Chairman of Keppel Corporation, Dr Lee Boon Yang (right) and CEO of Keppel Corporation, Mr Loh Chin Hua, planted a Keppel Tree at the Wetlands
    Wetlands Event EDK 4231
    Keppel senior management planted Keppel Trees alongside Keppel Volunteers

    Come early 2017, members of the public will be able to experience a unique natural habitat in the heart of the city for the very first time, with the opening of the Keppel Discovery Wetlands at Singapore Botanic Gardens. The National Parks Board (NParks) and Keppel Corporation unveiled plans to restore a 1.8-ha freshwater forest wetland historically found in the vicinity of the Gardens, and enhance the biodiversity found there.

    Keppel has committed $2.08 million to the Garden City Fund to support the restoration of a freshwater forest wetland ecosystem historically found in the vicinity of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage site.

    In recognition of Keppel Corporation’s contribution, the restored freshwater forest wetland will be named the Keppel Discovery Wetlands. Located in an upcoming Learning Forest extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the restored 1.8-ha forest will be designed with ecological considerations in mind, and include a carefully curated plant collection of over 200 species. It will enhance the biodiversity found in the area and provide opportunities for the public to access and experience a freshwater forest wetland habitat right in the heart of the city.

    On 27 August 2016, NParks and Keppel unveiled plans for the Keppel Discovery Wetlands. In marking the occasion, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong; Chairman of Keppel Corporation, Dr Lee Boon Yang; and CEO of Keppel Corporation, Mr Loh Chin Hua planted a Keppel Tree at the Wetlands.

    Senior management from the Keppel Group, including CFO of Keppel Corporation, Mr Chan Hon Chew and CEO of Keppel Capital, Ms Christina Tan, gamely rolled up their sleeves to plant Keppel Trees at the Wetlands. They were joined by over 50 Keppel Volunteers, who planted trees of various species, as a symbol of Keppel’s commitment towards environmental conservation.

    In addressing audiences at the unveiling of plans ceremony, Minister Lawrence Wong highlighted the importance of conserving Singapore’s flora and fauna. He said, “Our founding leaders and pioneer generation worked very hard to build a Garden City. So let us uphold that same spirit and ideals – to enhance our greenery and biodiversity, and make Singapore a City in a Garden.”

    Minister Lawrence Wong acknowledged Keppel’s contribution in restoring the wetlands. He remarked, “We would like to sincerely show our appreciation to Keppel for their support for the wetlands restoration project. Keppel will be making a contribution for the creation of habitats, trails and boardwalks, as well as a plant collection of more than 200 species. But it is not just financial contributions. Keppel has also committed to volunteer at the Wetlands starting today. They will be helping us to plant trees later. I hope that many more corporations will join us to protect and enhance the Gardens. The Botanic Gardens is our first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is our national treasure, one that belongs to all Singaporeans. We want everyone to be able to play a part in its future.”

    Dr Lee Boon Yang shared, “This initiative to restore and conserve a unique freshwater wetland habitat resonates with Keppel’s commitment to sustainability. We believe that Singapore’s natural heritage is a precious resource and all Singaporeans share a responsibility to care for the environment.

    “The Wetlands will be of aesthetic and educational value, and beyond that, will inspire more Singaporeans to discover, understand and embrace our biodiversity.” Dr Lee added, “Keppel strongly encourages our employees to get involved in community service.

    “Keppel Volunteers will serve as Green Ambassadors for the Keppel Discovery Wetlands, engaging schools and community groups so that students and other visitors can discover and learn more about this freshwater swamp ecosystem and its flora and fauna”.


    Key Features

    The habitats in the Keppel Discovery Wetlands will be complemented by trails and boardwalks. Features of the Wetlands will include the Orchid Islands, Botanists’ Boardwalk, Pulai Marsh and Discovery Trail.

    A highlight for visitors at the Keppel Discovery Wetlands will be the Orchid Islands, where they will be able to see and experience a large variety of native orchids in bloom, at the same time.

    The Pulai Marsh is a recreation of the freshwater swamp habitat historically found in the vicinity of the Singapore Botanic Gardens area. With its restoration, the Pulai Marsh will enable native species in the area to flourish, and provide a refuge in the city for wetland wildlife to thrive.

    At the Botanists’ Boardwalk, visitors will be able to learn about the historic discoveries made by the Gardens’ earliest botanists, who contributed to the knowledge of the region’s flora by making frequent expeditions to study the plants growing in various localities and habitats throughout Southeast Asia.